My last game stunk!

I saw a video the other day where a group played a 40k scenario you roll to see what objectives you have and roll to see what layout you get. Well that sounded like a lot of fun. Different from total annihilation. We rolled to capture 3 objectives and to play the "Dawn of War" scenario.

The idea was good. My limited game knowledge and force was not good. In Dawn of war you start with an HQ and 2 Troops. Thinking that i had only one troops with my Tactical Squad (I thought my termies just counted as elite's apparently not) I split my 10 man tactical squad into 2 5 man combat squats and left my termies and dreadnought to come in on reserve.

Basically what ended up happening is I didn't roll for the reserves until the end of the game so i had to hold of two full units of Ork hordes with 'eavy armor for 4 rounds which completely took out all my combat squad. He got lucky and took out 3 of my termies the turn they came out from reserved. I deep striked them behind his forces but deviated right behind him.

I was a little disappointed how the game went and I was starving so when I realized I could only capture one objective and he could get two very easily I called the game.

It sucks having such a limited force.

Thanks to Bartertown I will have 2000 more points on monday. Then we take revenge on those stinkin orks.

Until then.

P.S. I found an official Blood Angels codex in White Dwarf from 2007 for free. If anyone wants a copy let me know. I believe it is the latest edition.

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