My last game stunk!

I saw a video the other day where a group played a 40k scenario you roll to see what objectives you have and roll to see what layout you get. Well that sounded like a lot of fun. Different from total annihilation. We rolled to capture 3 objectives and to play the "Dawn of War" scenario.

The idea was good. My limited game knowledge and force was not good. In Dawn of war you start with an HQ and 2 Troops. Thinking that i had only one troops with my Tactical Squad (I thought my termies just counted as elite's apparently not) I split my 10 man tactical squad into 2 5 man combat squats and left my termies and dreadnought to come in on reserve.

Basically what ended up happening is I didn't roll for the reserves until the end of the game so i had to hold of two full units of Ork hordes with 'eavy armor for 4 rounds which completely took out all my combat squad. He got lucky and took out 3 of my termies the turn they came out from reserved. I deep striked them behind his forces but deviated right behind him.

I was a little disappointed how the game went and I was starving so when I realized I could only capture one objective and he could get two very easily I called the game.

It sucks having such a limited force.

Thanks to Bartertown I will have 2000 more points on monday. Then we take revenge on those stinkin orks.

Until then.

P.S. I found an official Blood Angels codex in White Dwarf from 2007 for free. If anyone wants a copy let me know. I believe it is the latest edition.


SM's so far.

Update on the Space Marine paint job. I withdrew from the Blood Angels theme. I am going with my own version of Ultramarines. The elite figs will get red and black blood angels theme, Standard troops will get Ultramarine theme and vehicles will get what ever i feel like. Really it just came down to the fact that i liked both the red and the blue.

The blue is really a lot darker. I believe flash made it look so light. As you can tell i still have a long way to go but so far I think they are turning out very nicely.

Also update on Barter town. Someone from California is trading me 2000 pts of SM's including 3 Rhino's 1 Razorback 2 Whirlwinds and a Land Raider plus about 35 troops. for my 650 pts of Skorne. I owe you all a big thanks for that tip off.


Space Marines

What is black and white and red all over? ....

The paint scheme for my Space Marines. After much debate and a few paint trials i have decided to go with the blood angels paint scheme

I have started painting my dreadnought, unfortunately this is not the one. I will upload some pictures when i get the first coat of red on.

So for a report on my latest game.

Space marines won. Well more like annihilated. I made nearly all my save throws. Basically the game consisted of me advancing, shooting and assaulting. Then game over. It is nice to win for a change.

Until next time.


Second Space Marines Game

Okay, I just finished my second ever Warhammer 40k and Space Marines game. Really Really cool. This game was a lot better than the last. I played against Imperial Guard. I lost the roll to deploy first. Thumbs down for that. When Mike put his Guards out I felt like i was going to get annihilated, especially when i put my few space marines out. So first round he some how kills 6 of my tactical squad. Pooh. I think it had something to do with getting bombarded with his artillery cannon. After that things when a little better. I was able to hold my own with the saves and all. Eventually I lost but i was really surprised with how much of his i was actually able to take out. The Terminators I must say are the MVP of the game. With the 2+ armor save I only lost one every other round. and by them selves they took out half of his troops. My tactical squad did diddly squat, and my dreadnought managed to take out his artillery tank in one round of close combat. thanks to strength 10.

Over all I am coming to like 40k more and more. I think even more than Hordes. Only time will tell. I have yet to really use anything special or even play a full 1000 points of my own. I would like to get my hands on some tanks though maybe a whirlwind and a land raider.

Until next time.


Deciding which game to play.

I, within the last 6 months, have started playing tabletop miniature games. I have always been I interested in the idea but never knew they existed. First I thought to try out Hordes (a game by privateer press). The local group meets together often is very accepting and accomodating to new players. It has become rather exciting to go on Wednesday nights put out some models and have an epic battle. It is even exciting to occasionally win a few games. But there is something missing. An epicness. I originally went to the.game shop to look for a game called warhammer. It had been around far longer than hordes/warmachine and is known for having large amounts of models to fight with. So I looked into it and picked up the starter box for warhammer 40k. It happens to have a larger following here in cache valley. I played my first game last thursday. It was great but mostly just a whirlwind of rules. So now I am faced with a dilema. Do I keep playing Hordes? Do I abandon hordes and play warhammer (armies for both games are expensive and time consuming) Or do I play both? Time will have to tell. Wednesday I am going to play hordes and thursday I am going to play warmachine. Until then.