Deciding which game to play.

I, within the last 6 months, have started playing tabletop miniature games. I have always been I interested in the idea but never knew they existed. First I thought to try out Hordes (a game by privateer press). The local group meets together often is very accepting and accomodating to new players. It has become rather exciting to go on Wednesday nights put out some models and have an epic battle. It is even exciting to occasionally win a few games. But there is something missing. An epicness. I originally went to the.game shop to look for a game called warhammer. It had been around far longer than hordes/warmachine and is known for having large amounts of models to fight with. So I looked into it and picked up the starter box for warhammer 40k. It happens to have a larger following here in cache valley. I played my first game last thursday. It was great but mostly just a whirlwind of rules. So now I am faced with a dilema. Do I keep playing Hordes? Do I abandon hordes and play warhammer (armies for both games are expensive and time consuming) Or do I play both? Time will have to tell. Wednesday I am going to play hordes and thursday I am going to play warmachine. Until then.

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