A little history for Iron Agenda readers.

*Reposted for Iron Agenda

So far I have been playing Hordes/Warmachine for about a year. In that time I have played 4 different factions. I started with Skorne. I liked the slow tough hard hitting warbeasts and Supreme Aptimus Zaal. But really I wasn't satisfied so i moved on.

Next I picked up Trolls. There ability to move fairly fast and give buffs is awesome. I will stick with the trolls for a long time. I love Madrak he is one tough beat-stick and with his Surefoot spell and scroll of perseverance he has a staying power that i like.

Next just for kick to have a second faction to play I picked up Circle. I played a few games with them they are fun but ultimately not what I need. The things that I like about circle I get from Trolls who perform far better at that function.

So what was I looking for? Well I found that I missed the slow tough models with high armor. Well that takes me back to Skorne. But I didn't want Skorne again. I had had enough of them. Then what happened. Well I played against Khador a few times. It was perfect. Khador is slow. Really tough and really assaulty. If you let a Khadoran warjack get the charge you will probably die.

Last night I saw another side of Khador that I really, really like. I played against Jeff at 350 pts. I took the battle box. Sorscha, Destroyer, and Juggernaut, then to bump it up a few points I put in a Man-O-War Kovnik. The kovnik was awesome. Basically he is a 34 pt medium based warjack. But what really impressed me was Sorscha. She is FAST. By casting wind rush every turn she has a def. 20 and speed of 12. Say goodbye to free strikes. There are very few models who can hit a def. 20. Besides wind rush she has a few spells that really help get the slow jacks up into combat and a few really nice offensive spells. It is hard to match Madrak in my eyes but she is darn close. I can't wait to get some more games in with her.

Well thats all for now. Until next time, remember victory favors the aggressor.