Second Space Marines Game

Okay, I just finished my second ever Warhammer 40k and Space Marines game. Really Really cool. This game was a lot better than the last. I played against Imperial Guard. I lost the roll to deploy first. Thumbs down for that. When Mike put his Guards out I felt like i was going to get annihilated, especially when i put my few space marines out. So first round he some how kills 6 of my tactical squad. Pooh. I think it had something to do with getting bombarded with his artillery cannon. After that things when a little better. I was able to hold my own with the saves and all. Eventually I lost but i was really surprised with how much of his i was actually able to take out. The Terminators I must say are the MVP of the game. With the 2+ armor save I only lost one every other round. and by them selves they took out half of his troops. My tactical squad did diddly squat, and my dreadnought managed to take out his artillery tank in one round of close combat. thanks to strength 10.

Over all I am coming to like 40k more and more. I think even more than Hordes. Only time will tell. I have yet to really use anything special or even play a full 1000 points of my own. I would like to get my hands on some tanks though maybe a whirlwind and a land raider.

Until next time.

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