Hordes in NC

It has been exciting to be out here so far. Last monday and tuesday I met up with CerealJohn at the Durham LGS called SciFi Genre. During the two days we played four games, three of which he won. I won the last game worth all the marbles ...

The two games we played on monday were not that great for me. I was totally annihilated twice. John played great and I played decent but rolled crap.

Tuesday went a lot better. We played practice games for the tournament coming up. John tried out some new lists. Game three was probably the longest 350 game in recorded history. We seesawed back and forth for 2 1/4 hours. He eventually won by killing all my models except for the caster. Game 4 we setup and cleaned up in 45 minutes. He brought out a jack that I was really scared of. Beast 09. He is one tough mother. I spent a full three turn focussing all my firepower on just that model. During which he whittled away at me with the other jack. Turn 4 or 5 he had weakened me pretty bad and i had left a hole open to Madrak. He with the open lane charged. I survived the rush with three health and my scroll left. He had Madrak to his front and Axer the the right and Impaler to the left. Caster kill booya.

As you can tell it was my favorite game and the freshest in my mind. Mostly just the freshest in my mind :) The game really could have gone either way.

I will update you all later as I play against some new people.


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TheGreatBlah said...

Nice work man, keep it up eh.