I know that this is my blog and i can write anything that i want but tonight i am have a particularly difficult time deciding what to put down. I still want it to be worth reading for the few that may see it.

Tonight I played two games one 250pt game with my new Fire Warriors. All I can say is AWESOME! The game was 20 warriors and 2 Gun Drones against 30 Ork Boyz I think. I ultimately lost but I didn't really move. His main goal was to get into assault, very smart move as Tau suck at melee. I should have moved more but by time he got to me I had killed about 25 of his thirty, and he had killed 7 of my warriors. The game ended with when he killed all of mine and he had only 3 left.

The Second game was a practice game for the upcoming campain game this next tuesday. It wasn't really a challenge I died horribly. My whirlwind died beginning of round 2 which was my main weapon against the orks. But I did get some good ideas for the next game. We'll see how it goes.

Until next time.

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