Back to warmachine.

Not that anybody who reads this will care but i am full bore back into warmachine. I am in the process of trading my Tyranids for Khador or Trollbloods. I have even considered trying out a cygnar battle box but I think I need to cool it for a while and really just learn one of the factions that I have. I have had a lot of fun with trolls but at the moment I am not to excited about what models are available. Besides Mulg the Ancient I have everything that I want, not necessarily what i need to make my army better.

I decided to start Khador after Adam annihilated me twice with his little force. I miss that really tough slow feel I got from Skorne. and I like almost all the models available. For my birthday I got about a thousand points. I am excited to play a good sized game.

Now that I the Summer rampage is over I am going to start in strong with my khador battle box. The new models will probably be another week and a half before i get them. that should be enough time to learn how to use Sorscha pretty well and her battle group.

So until next time. See you all later.


James said...

Hey man nice stuff! Good luck with the Warmachine stuff, and while no one has commented yet, I like this blog!

Daggerty said...

Thanks for the support James.