Tyranid Warrior

First on the block today is a Tyranid Warrior I finished the other day. The basic colors are blue skin, leathery brown armor. This is about the extent of my painting abilities, no amazing shades and highlights from me but I think it turned out pretty good. For all the gaunt I am going to get the army painter system to speed up the painting.

Now for the rest of the story ... I have something that has been bothering me since game night last week. Since I have started playing wargames I have expected to have a lot of losses maybe a win or two every once in a while if I am lucky. But last week I got hit hard. Two games at 1500 pts a piece, two losses, thats okay. The thing that bothers me are how I lost. It was a total annihilation, I lost everything first game by turn three and second game by turn five. They (the people I had been playing) lost 2-3 figs from their basic troops.

It was a very disheartening night. My plea for all you uber gamers. Take it easy on the little guy. Make the game seem closer, more exciting. Maybe do some teaching along the way. I know I made mistakes some major ones, if you see those point them out. I promise if you do this I will come back excited to play again. I do know how hard it is sometimes to hold back. During one of the game night I came a little late and everybody had started to play except for a new guy. Even newer than me. He had his figs but had never played yet. I knew he had never play, so I laid into him with everything my little army had! It was another turn 3 annihilations. I was ecstatic! My first win. I have since then apologized for the overzealousness, it just wasn't right that I played him like that.

I plead with you fellow Wargamers, don't do this to the new guys. Don't do this to anyone. It is not fun! There are tons of great people who want to play the game let's teach them how to play. Let's teach them it's not a brutal experience to learn the game with a rule book the size of a college textbook. Let's just be nice.

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