New army and First Game

Since I have been in North Carolina I have participated in a local campaign league I have discovered that I really really don't like vanilla space marines. They are just soooo plain. I guess that's why they are called "vanilla." I proposed a trade to some of the local guys army for army, I was looking for either Tau or Tyranid. The Tau I have always been interested in, They just look really cool and I have started building an army of them. The Tyranids because again they look really cool and I wanted something that could basically be considered they exact opposite. In the end I will have an all Shooty army and an all Assaulty army. Luckily for my I had a taker. One of the local players had about 1850 of Tyranid. Woo Hoo! I took him up on the trade. So now no more space marines

Wow. The first game with the Nid's was awesome. This week of the tournament was the 1250 pt army list. I had no idea really what kind of army list to build so I started with the HQ and Hive Tyrant and then went through the troops and thats as far as i got. It was soo fun there were probably close to a hundred little monsters. My next game probably wont be so bad, with the amount of models I mean.

As far as the game went My opponent and I combined with two other players and had a great big game. It was 2500 pts per side. I play nids, obviously. My team mate played space marines. There side was Tau and Chaos Space Marines. We played the one where you capture d3+2 objectives. We had 3 objectives. with the table quarters setup but we decided for space reasons just to play table edges. Now I am going to go into great detail of the game. I captured an objective. Tau captured an objective and the SM's and the Chaos SM's contested the other. We ended with a tie.

That is all I have for now. I am tired of writing.

Until next time.

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Kayce Pearson said...

Nids you say? They were my first army and are still my favorite one. Glad you had fun with them. I am actually in the process of repainting mine right now. I have not got the color scheme worked out yet but I should by the end of the week. What colors ore yours?